Couture Lash Glue

Couture Lash Glue

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This Lash Glue Will Change Your Lifestyle!
Never Worry About Lifted Up Corners Again!
Skin Friendly Ingredients
Formaldehyde - Latex - Odor FREE


Couture Lash Glue 
Size: 5ml

Brush Tip Applicator
Strong Hold
Fast Drying Time
Water Proof
Applies On White But Dries Clear


How To Apply:
Apply Thin Even Layer Of Lash Glue To Lash Band.
Wait 20-30 Seconds For Glue To Become Tacky.
Quickly Apply Lashes As Close To Natural Lash Line, Hold In Place For Couple Seconds.
Please Use Lash Glue As Directed
Keep Away From Children
Discontinue Use If Any Skin Irritation Occurs

Ingredients:  Hydroxyethyl Cellulose, Sodium Dehydroacetate, Deionized Water, Tocopherol.